WARNING! Brain Overload

I will be the first to say that I drive myself insane by the afternoon with everything in my head. It is so hard to keep up with my own mind because I am always thinking of my next project, what I want to eat, the test I have to study for, my next blog post, what is on pinterest today, etc, etc, etc. Thanks to new technology we have ways of jotting down notes or reminders in our phones, but even that is still not enough for me to remember every single thing that I need to do and every thought that occurs. I forget to look at my notes! SO WHAT IS THE SOLUTION? Writing in a planner would be the “obvious” thing to do but, I might not open my planner everyday. Sticky notes? That’s a possible solution. The best solution for me is writing my “to do list” and my ideas on a white board with colorful dry erase markers of course! I am a visual person and I believe seeing things in front you are more effective, it does wonders for me! I’m more than positive that Google, Apple, and other large brands create visuals of their ideas before deciding on the next best product. What are some ways that you jot your brain down?


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