Ask Me Anything

Over the weekend I watched a movie called “Ask Me Anything” about the true story of a young, spontaneous, Katie Kampenfelt, who takes a year off before college to find herself. Meanwhile, Kampenfelt documented her summer on a blog she titled “Ask Me Anything”, where she shared her sexual encounters with older men and her relationship with her divorced parents. During that time, she realized that she longed for the attention from older men because she was molested as a child by a babysitter. Before Kampenfelt could redeem herself of her past and find her passion, she mysteriously disappeared and was never found. The only thing that was left was her blog full of stories about her sex life, molestation, pregnancy and the death of her father. The local police reported that she received a text message before her disappearance, but they haven’t received any information about where she could be.

Besides the tragic ending of this story, I enjoyed watching the film. Her story can teach a lot to young women about staying safe on the social media. Kampenfelt interacted with readers who sent her hate messages and negative feedback. It is important as a blogger and a young female student to be cautious about what I post and who I interact with. No one knows what happened to Kampenfelt, but some people have assumed that one of her readers kidnapped her.

It is common to attract negative comments no matter what you are putting out on the web. For some reason, there are people who like to prey on other people and make it their business to type ugly comments. I think the best way to handle these type of readers is to ignore or possibly block them. Feeding into the negativity is the worst thing to do for your sanity and your brand.


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