When CHAOS Collides With Passion

SO lately, I admit…(sigh) I have not been dedicating my time to the things that I love, enjoy, and am passionate about. This includes Brand [You], OOPS! Not that I haven’t thought about the many things I could be blogging about or the great information that I could share to the wonderful people that view my page, but my past week was CHAOS on top of “WHAT IN THE WORLD” on top of my head is about to spin CRAZY! Thankfully, as usual I made it through but I don’t like putting my passions behind everything that becomes a priority. At the end of my week (once I finally got to sit down and breath), I realized that my time management just might be a little…off. Not only that, I also have a case of “I feel guilty if I say NO“. So what I decided was, my passion comes first, ALWAYS, because my passion is what gives me drive, happiness, and self fulfillment. Another thing, if I can’t commit to something then I just can’t, whether it be because of my other commitments or just simply because I don’t want to. Many people, not only me, feel like if they say “no” the other person will instantly be disappointed. People move on with their lives, and if they don’t they have to learn to understand that people walk their own paths. I can’t live for the sake of other people and not live for myself, because I have to add to this universe as well 🙂  Now, about time management…some of us suck and some of us are genius with keeping alarms, calendar marks, reminders, planners, etc. Deja Starr (me in case you didn’t know 😉 ) plans out her day with these little reminders and so forth, but will FORGET to make that important call or make the meeting at 3PM  and she runs out of energy by 5PM because of her “running around”, so the gym is a no go and her bed is her best friend, besides she has another meeting in a few hours. THE RESOLUTION: If you sound like me, and you feel like you have no time for anything STOP SPREADING YOURSELF THIN! I know there are plenty of gladiators out there that have busier schedules than mine, and absolutely love it. I think the true key is doing what you love. If within all of those long hours, you are working towards your passion or you are actually doing it, I couldn’t imagine getting tired. Until I reach that goal, I will pick and choose what meetings are of highest priority, choose days to study for certain classes, and always make time for Brand [You] and my BRAND as well. So, the overall lesson is: Even with the everyday challenges in life, Never Lose Sight of Your Passion. 

Another Note: I would like to thank all of my viewers! It means the world to me that you actually read my posts and hopefully find them helpful, creative, and interesting. I don’t have hundreds of followers yet, but I am humbled that someone takes the time to read my thoughts 🙂  If you have suggestions, please feel free to email me at ibrandyouu@gmail.com. Again, thank you…


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