Yeezy Season 2…”Ye” or Nae?

The busiest time of the year for the fashion industry took place last week, September 10-17th. If you are into style and the latest fashion trends like me, then you were reading about the new runway fashion statements and star-studded appearances during New York Fashion Week and dreaming of attending. It is not unusual for strange fashion trends to hit the runway, but one show had everyone in the industry buzzing and made media headlines everywhere.

Kanye West revealed his Yeezy Season 2 collection, and not only did the clothes cause controversy, but the show itself caught critiques by surprise. The show was a last minute decision by Kanye, it was not scheduled prior to New York Fashion Week and many industry people were irritated by his decision. The show was also streamed in select theaters in Major Cities for fans to watch.

Although Yeezy Season 2 may not be appealing to me and the majority of the world, the concept of his runway show as well as the trends in his collection are going to play a major role in the success of his new album, “SWIFT”, the sell of his new adidas shoes, and his overall brand. The event’s venue was full of major celebrities including: Sean “Diddy” Combs, Jay-Z and Beyonce, Drake, Anna Wintour and of course Kim Kardashian West and North West. The show began with models walking out in nude colored attire in a military drill style.

The styles in the collection were compared to the costumes in Star Wars. Trench coats, sweatshirts, baggy pants, nude tanks, and disheveled tops make up the Yeezy Season 2 Collection. Most say that it does not look much different from the first collection. Some of the models were half-dressed and most were very strange. One of the models, Ian Conner, smoked a cigarette while standing in the drill-styled runway show, and his photo was trending all over Twitter.

yeezy season 2 Ian

A new song from Kanye’s anticipated new album “SWIFT” was leaked at the end of the show. That song made it to the internet instantly thanks to a fan that watched the show in one of the selected theaters.

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Kanye explains where the inspiration for the collection came from. “I think sweatshirts are the way of the future. Sweatshirts are f-ing important”. He also revealed that his daughter, North West, played a role in the inspiration for Yeezy Season 2, “I was just wanting the colors to fit together in this way, like where my daughter takes the four Play-Dohs and starts to blend them all up together.”

The ultimate goal for Kanye is to create clothes that become a fabric of the humans who wear them. “I want the clothes to almost go away, to almost be invisible, to be one with the personality.” I personally wouldn’t purchase an item from his new collection. I also don’t see the value in a $300 sweatshirt, but I have always thought of Kanye as a creative genius and I am a big fan of his music and his brand. I look forward to seeing what he surprises us with next!


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