Have You Defined Your “WHY”?

Goal setting is an important part of building a successful brand, but many people make the mistake of setting goals that are not invested in their main purpose. This is why defining your “why” plays a great role in the goal setting process. You may be wondering what I mean by your “why”. The definition of your “why” is your ultimate passion in life that is your driving force. Your passion is your motivation and it gives you the satisfying feeling of purpose. Building goals without your “why” in mind is not productive. You are not working towards what you really want to achieve. For example, someone who loves fashion and really wants to go to design school in New York is focused on securing a higher position at their retail job instead of setting goals to attend design school. Sometimes our “why” are accidentally placed on hold because of the day to day distractions such as finances and relationships that require a lot of attention. It is easy to forget that you have a passion and purpose if you let everyday realities take all of your energy.

In some cases, you may find that you are putting all of your energy towards someone else’s passion. I noticed that some people will drop their own goals to help with the success of another’s. I can testify that I have pushed harder for someone else’s passion rather than my own. It is okay to motivate your friends to set goals and achieve them, but never lose sight of your own. Make sure you surround yourself with like-minded people that understand your “why” and can give you that extra push you need. There is nothing like having people just as energized as you with great ideas in your circle. Positive energy attracts nothing but positive energy. Avoid people that don’t understand your “why” when planning goals, because they will make you second guess them.

Once you start your goal setting process it will be useful to create your own mission statement. It doesn’t have to be long, just make sure it states exactly what you ultimately want to achieve. Once you have your mission, place it so you see it everyday. Your mission statement will make sure that you stay focused on your goals and actions, help you explain to others what you want to do, and most importantly it will remind you of your “why”.


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