The Interview Stump…It Has Happened To Everyone At Least Once. (Don’t Let One Question Swallow You Down A Hole)

An interview can be the most nerve-wrecking experience, especially if you are very anxious and you have been looking for a job for a long time. The job hunt itself is a stressful experience, because finding the best job that suits your needs is important. Now that you have finally earned an interview with a company that you are impressed by, you want nothing but to leave a great impression. That thought alone can cause you to have a bad interview.

I am not saying that wanting to leave a good impression is bad, but it will cause more anxiety and you will think more about whether or not the person that is going to interview you will like you. As a victim of “interview stump” I learned a few practices that have helped me get around not only that anxiety, but that moment when you may not know the answer to the interview question. (That’s right! Just because you don’t know does not mean your interview is a fail.)

First off, before going into your interview think positive thoughts. Think about your attributes and the things that you have accomplished. Tell yourself that this company would be crazy not to hire you with your professional skills. Set yourself a confidence that your interviewer will be able to feel once you walk into the office. Remember, you would not get this interview if you weren’t qualified. It is vital that you begin your morning positively with a good breakfast, because it sets the tone for how the rest of your day will go.

Now, you’re at your interview and you are just ready to get it over with so you can finally breathe…well, BREATHE!  Calm down, relax and remind yourself that you got this. When you start freaking out you will lose control and you won’t be able to answer questions the way you need to. Stressing during an interview is not a good idea, because you will not be able to think clearly and your interviewer will be able to tell.

Whatever you do please do not say “I don’t know”. That should never be the answer to anything. You want to sound sure and confident of your answers. Employers want to hire strong candidates that think on their feet. “I don’t know” is like saying “I don’t know what I’m here for” which is like saying, “I don’t want the job.” If you don’t know the answer to a question, simply ask the interviewer to go in depth with what he or she asked. Maybe you don’t understand or you didn’t hear the question clearly, but don’t ignore the question or try to make up an answer.

Interviewers ask difficult questions to see what type of person you are. They want to see if you are resourceful and ambitious. The best way to answer any question is to be honest about what you already know. You have the skills according to what they are looking for, so share what you are already knowledgeable about. If you stick to who you are and stay confident in what you know, you will leave a good impression whether you get the job or not. As I always say what is for you, is for you. Don’t forget to send a thank you note.


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