Suit Up Gentlemen! How to Dress For Your Interview.

You finally got the call you have been waiting for and your interview is scheduled, but what do you wear? The first impression is the most important impression, and it starts with your appearance. A nice clean look will give you the confidence you need on the day of your interview, and show your potential employer that you are prepared.


  • No matter what the regular dress code is for the job that you are interviewing for, always dress professional. You want your employer to take you seriously. A suit is the most appropriate attire to wear unless otherwise instructed. Stick to solid neutral colors such as grey, black and navy so you won’t be distracting. A three button suit will look good on anyone, but a two button suit will give a taller and slimmer appearance.

20151015_6                              20151015_4

  • Wear a blue or white straight collar shirt. When choosing a shirt make sure the neck fits properly. You absolutely want to wear a tie! Pick ties in solid colors and small patterns, nothing too flashy. I personally like dark red ties.

tie collage

  • Don’t forget to wear a black belt or if you want to be a little trendy wear suspenders. Don’t wear both. If you decide to wear suspenders, don’t wear the clip-ons because they give off a cheap appearance.


  • Your shoes must be clean! If you must, shine your shoes the night before with black leather cleaner. I think the shoes are the most important part of your appearance. Also, wear black dress socks. Some men like to wear socks with flashy patterns, but for the interview it is good to keep your look basic. The less flashy and distracting the better!
  • Add a watch to your look. A watch is a good accessory to add to any professional look. It says you value time and care about being punctual.


Closing Shot(Thank you Ramsey for taking photos in your professional attire!) 


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