Rebel of Scotland

Topshop pink dress
$40 – topshop.com

Tommy Hilfiger blue jacket
$185 – houseoffraser.co.uk

H M black purse
$46 – hm.com
(Image:Polyvore Logo~Polyvore.com)
Hey there! Today, I would like to introduce to a social media network that I am new to and excited about. It is not your usual post a picture and get a bunch of likes or post a funny status social media network. This network instead is for artistic, creative individuals who take an interest in the world of fashion, interior design and cosmetology! It is called Polyvore, and I seriously wish I had discovered the concept of it sooner. I have always known of the site, but I just thought it was a place to shop. Amazingly, IT IS also a place to shop! However, it is different from shopping online because you style items together showcasing your personal taste and creativity. You can crop and cut items however you like to fit your posts, and best of all you get to choose from a plethora of fashion brands.
The design pictured above is my first Polyvore “style set”. I am still learning the basics of cropping and cutting pictured items to make them look attractive. I will say it was not hard to set up an account and get started on my first style set.Setting up an account is free! Users on Polyvore are interested in the fashion industry, art, beauty, etc. If you are interested in a career in the arts , then this is a great place for you to network with people like you around the world. It is also attractive for your professional portfolio.
Maybe you aren’t necessarily interested in a career in fashion, but you love shopping and styling items together. Polyvore will help you with style inspiration for any type of event. It is a wonderful alternative from Pinterest which also provides style inspiration. Next time you go on a shopping trip, you will have your own creative style collections on Polyvore to refer to.
If you are a blogger that focuses on topics such as fashion, style, beauty, etc., Polyvore is a great way to not only show your readers your talent, but it is also a way to generate affiliate marketing opportunities.  Affiliate marketing is when a business rewards you, the affiliate, for each visitor or customer brought by your marketing efforts. Almost every fashion and beauty brand you can think of has an affiliate program. You already like their products, why not get paid for blogging about them too?
Now that I am a member of Polyvore, I will regularly post my style sets so you can see my progression, as well as gain some inspiration for your own closet. Looking good on the outside should be a part of your brand because looking good makes you feel good, and feeling good motivates you to put your best foot forward.

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