JRN 4440/FA15

Week 3 Reading Assignment Response:

Social media has definitely proved to be a useful source for news organizations to get their news out. Although social media is a great way to spread news, some networks are better resources than others. Facebook with the highest amount of adult users, has a wide range of news topics available for consumers to read. Twitter allows groups to come together and express their opinions on news topics they feel passionately about. Other social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest and Myspace have younger audiences with no interest in sharing current news.

78% of Facebook news users see news when a friend “likes” a news article, group, or organization on Facebook. It is easy to engage with the news on social media, especially with the Facebook mobile app that allows you to share and repost news that you find interesting. There are a wide range of news topics on Facebook. The most popular news topics are in entertainment and below that is people and events in the community. Although news organizations can easily spread their news on Facebook, it will most likely not benefit their outlet because visitors tend to depend on social media instead of engaging with the outlet for more news.

Twitter is a great social media platform for finding current trending news. Searching a simple hashtag will direct you to the top news stories and tweets. It is also a great network for people who like to share their opinions about a topic and engage in conversation with a group about the topic. Like Facebook, Twitter has a wide range of news topics as well.

Audiences for every social media platform differ. Facebook has a more mature audience, and most of their consumers are female. Twitter has a younger crowd that Facebook, with 45% of their consumers between the ages of 18-29. Other younger social media platforms are Instagram, Myspace and Pinterest. Mature social media platforms are Google Plus, LinkedIn and YouTube. The growth of social media continues to expand every year. New inventions of ways people can communicate happen every day. With all of the new technology surrounding us there is no way we could ignore the news, it literally pops up on my phone every morning. Though this reading assignment is about the 8 key takeaways about social media and news, I think without social media the world wouldn’t have been more aware or cautious about news events today than ever.


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